Narrabri West Public School

Opportunities and challenges for our children

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Our program

We embrace the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia: Belonging, Being & Becoming. This framework allows us to contribute to children's worlds by using their interests, families, cultures & communities when planning learning experiences.

Our aim

It is our aim to provide a warm, friendly, learning and caring atmosphere. We aim to provide this in a relaxed, safe, loving environment in order for children to feel safe, secure and nurtured. Children feel truly comfortable when they sense a positive relationship between their parents and the adults whom they spend their time away from home with. We work hard towards building that trust with parents. We encourage positive relationships and open communication between parents and educators and work in creating partnerships with families. 

Our values

We value each child as an individual and work with them and their family on this basis. The growth and development of each child is watched with care. Guidance and support provided through our programming, and interactions with each child seek to foster the total development of the child. Educators observe children daily to ensure that what they are planning and providing is appropriate to the developmental level of your child. Through learning stories and observations we assess the developmental progress, interests and needs of your child. This information then forms the basis of the educational and developmental programs that we provide. We aim to extend each child socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

Our beliefs

We believe in offering children the security that comes with familiar daily routines and clear limits on behaviour. We offer exciting educational experiences incorporating indoor and outdoor play. As we respect children and trust children, we give them choices which therefore develop their day. We allow them to take responsibility within a safe, supportive environment. We strive to help each child develop a positive self-image through being independent, self-confident and responsible. It is therefore our responsibility to plan a stimulating and challenging program based on an understanding of the needs and interests of each child.

Our programming

Our curriculum focuses on play based learning, incorporating the five Early Years Learning and Developmental outcomes for all children.When programming we have a strong focus on individualised learning where children are observed on an individual basis. We use these observations to plan experiences for a child based on their interests, abilities and their parent's goals and feedback.

Our educators observe and reflect on a regular basis to assess children's progress and to plan for future learning. Individual portfolios are used to display observations and learning stories. We also follow a flexible daily routine which gives children opportunity to develop independence and self-help skills and offer children the experience of belonging, being and becoming. We have designed our programs to provide:

  • quality care and supervised interactive experiences
  • a safe, comfortable, creative environment where children can play and learn - not just fill in time
  • an environment to stimulate creativity in each child according to their needs and interests
  • the opportunity to develop their confidence when interacting with others and participating in experiences that promote language and social development
  • the opportunity for children to become involved in experiences that utilise the following skills: 
    • measuring
    • sorting
    • recording
    • analysing
    • organising
    • questioning
    • predicting and problem solving.
  • the opportunity to explore and develop new skills including:
    •  arts
    • crafts
    • drama
    • cooking
    • music 
    • as well as social skills
  • the opportunity for children to mix with a wide range of other children and adults
  • the opportunity to belong and to take responsibility.